Drakensberg & Midlands



KwaZulu Natal's Drakensberg National Park is one of South Africa's 8 World Heritage Sites, the Drakensberg National Park covers 250 000 hectares, starting in the north of the province at Cathedral Peak and curving southwards, clinging to the Lesotho border, all the way to Bushman's Nek.

Known by the Zulu's as uKhahlamba which means 'Barrier of Spears' in Zulu and as Drakensberg or Dragon Mountain by the Dutch settlers, KwaZulu Natal's Drakensberg mountains are one of South Africa's most dramatic and beautiful natural landscapes. The Drakensberg is the main watershed of South Africa and is the source of the Orange River.  The range separates Mpumalanga and Free State provinces and Lesotho on theplateau from lower-lying Swaziland and KwaZulu-Natal province near the coast. The Drakensberg is the main watershed of South Africa and is the source of the Orange River.


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