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About Getlocal Africa


Travel is so much more than just a destination it is about the thrill of the adventure, the local people who live within the destination the culture and heritage!

Getlocal Africa is an online marketplace specialising in a diverse range of activities, tours & experiences within Africa. There is no better way to experience a new travel location than by getting reliable information and advice from local people that you can trust. With local advice and recommendations, you can optimise your travel experience according to your individualised preferences and find hidden gems that might otherwise have been missed if you had stuck to the regular commercial channels.

Our team consists of local South Africans from different provinces. The diverse South African team come from a variety of different backgrounds, and have a multitude of different passions and interests, allowing us to offer diverse local advice and information for different experiences, in different parts of the country.

Getlocal Africa strives to promote experiences allowing local South African businesses and communities to be uplifted, thereby empowering the communities, whilst offering to our clients the most genuinely local experience. Many of our suppliers are part of great initiatives promoting a greener more sustainable society.

Getlocal Africa supports and promotes experiences, activities and tours that upholds animals in there natural environments.  No experiences, tours or activities that condones mistreatment, torture or trained animals for the sake of business e.g no riding of elephants nor walking with lions.

We aim to help you discover unique and truly African experience that are appropriate to your individualised interests.. We pride ourselves on being your local guide for all things South African,  bringing and connecting you to local people and local experiences.  We Strive to guide and support you in your quest for the perfect adventure.  We are always here to help!!

Having assisted and satisfied the needs of countless national and international tourists in discovering Africa to their specification, we would love to partner with you in providing you with the  best experience possible.


In addition you will have access to live local advice before you depart and even whilst you are on your trip, if you have questions we will endeavour to answer them with relevant information.   Discover and enrich your knowledge with local stories shared by the communities, Google might represent facts but we offer truth from within, we welcome you to come and discover your local experience with Getlocal.Africa. Authentic experiences, in-depth knowledge and unique experiences let us be your local guide, we always go the extra mile for our customers.

An African Travel Marketplace  

Our goal is to bring you the best experience that you can have when booking tours, activities and experiences and to help you to find the exact experience that you want to have with the help of people who have been living here for years.

Getlocal Africa is registered in South Africa as Getlocal Africa (Pty) Ltd and is a fully licensed information and booking office.

We are a Travel Technology company founded by some seasoned travellers who know how hard it is to find good local advice from people they can trust and have similar tastes and interests. Our mission is to bring together travelers and locals in order to help travelers have the best experience by finding advice and recommendation from similar people.

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Getlocal Solutions

Is our travel solutions division at getlocal Africa. If you are looking for a white label e-commerce platform to sell live travel inventory look no further! Send us an email or give us a call and we will put together a proposal that makes practical and financial sense to your travel organisation.

We also offer an Outsource Booking Office service to accommodate travel companies that utilise the Bokun solution, but dont have the time, staff or skillset to mange the booking platform correctly.