My Panoramic Route Guide

  • Blyde River Canyon

    The Blyde River Canyon is a mandatory stop on any tour of the Panoramic Route! Whether you just see it from the top at the fabulous Three Rondavels view point or from within the Canyon from the other side. There is also a boat tour that runs through the canyon which is fantastic.

    Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

  • Bourke's Luck Potholes

    An amazing piece of natural geography and a lovely picnic spot with lots of curio vendors. The potholes themselves are stunningly beautiful and the area is great for a quick braai or a bite to eat.

    Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, Moremela, Mpumalanga, South Africa

  • Potluck Boskombuis - Bush Kitchen

    An amazing restaurant sitting on a small river along the panoramic route. It's about half way along the R532. I would recommend any of their slow cooked food, the potjie is the best. However, the service can be slow!

  • The Waterfalls

    There are three amazing and easily accessible waterfalls along the panoramic route. They are Berlin, Lisbon and Mac Mac Falls. Berlin and Lisbon are just north of Graskop and Mac Mac is just to the south.

  • Graskop

    Graskop is a small town on the southern end of the R532. It is lively and busy during the day and sleepy and calm during the evenings. It caters almost entirely to the panoramic route and is a lovely spot to stop for coffee and pancakes or to try the giant swing across the canyon!


  • The Views

    There are some fabulous views along the route, especially Three Rondavels and God's Window. If you need somewhere to relax and just take in the natural beauty of the area then the view points are the place to do it.

  • Zur Alten Mine Guest Farm B&B

    A great place to overnight. These guys will take care of everything you need including restaurant reservations if necessary! They have lots of amazing little chalets situated just outside Graskop with fantastic fireplaces and homemade cookies in each one!

    R533, Graskop, 1270, South Africa

  • Pilgrimsrest

    Pilgrim's Rest is an old museum town that hasn't changed at all recently. It's a great way to see what the old South Africa used to look like.

    Pilgrimsrest, 1290, South Africa


Sam Adams Hoedspruit, South Africa


Professional Safari Guide working near Hoedspruit with a keen interest in beer!