Primitive YOGA TRAIL Multi-Day Tour

Connect closely to nature in its wildest form over four days & three nights - walking, camping and practising yoga in the South African Lowveld. The retreat is timed to coincide with the September Full Moon and the twice daily yoga practice & meditation!

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  • Duration: 4 Days
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The September Full Moon on the 25th is the full moon closest to the Vernal (Spring) Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere (23rd September 2018) and is equivalent to the Autumnal (Fall) Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. In the North it would be named the familiar Harvest Moon but in the South it is most commonly known as the Worm Moon. Sometimes it’s also called Lenten Moon, Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Chaste Moon, Sugar Moon, or Sap Moon. The names given to our full moons are mostly derived from the Northern Hemisphere counterparts as they would occur in the corresponding season. They often describe or relate to the seasonal planting and farming calendar. The Spring Equinox has had great cultural significance through time and in many cultures. Lenten is derived from Germanic languages and means spring. Crust Moon comes from the crust which forms on top of snow as it melts and refreezes. Chaste Moon refers to the purity of the spring season, while Crow Moon signifies that crows appear at the end of winter. Sap Moon or Sugar Moon mark the time for harvesting maple syrup from maple tree saps. 

The Lowveld Trails Co. expertly facilitates reconnection with nature during the ultimate back-to-basics experience. 

Our Primitive Trails will expose you to the fine detail, the grandeur of the landscape and the thrill of moving among large mammals. Well beyond an activity, it is a fully immersive experience that permits participation in nature as opposed to traditional spectatorship. It is real, visceral and completely authentic. 

Lead and facilitated by experienced Trails Guides, Trails take place over a period of 3 nights and 4 days across exclusive properties in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve (Greater Kruger National Park). 

This is a “primitive” activity, with everything needed for the duration of the trail carried in your backpack. There are no demarcated campsites or routes for these trails. You set your own pace and explore according to your interests and capabilities, sleeping at a pristine site under the stars each night (no tents) and packing up in the morning to leave no trace. The only restricting factors are the availability of water and the midday sun. 

Nights will be spent sleeping in the open, around a fire, with each participant taking turns at “watch duty”. 

Reservations are restricted to group bookings, allowing for a maximum of 8 participants. 

The meeting point is at “The Bushpub” (outside Timbavati Control Gate) at 11:00 on day of departure. 

The Trail will conclude at “The Bushpub” at 12:00 on day 4. 

The trail package includes all guiding fees, yoga instructors and arrangement of trail. 

There is an additional individual conservation fee of R300 per person payable at the Timbavati Gate and a vehicle entrance fee (should you choose to take your own vehicle inside the gate) both of which are NOT included in the package. 

Parking for vehicles is provided free at the Bushpub but please be aware that Lowveld Trails Co. cannot be responsible for your vehicles - so this as at your own risk. 


  • Yoga in the bush
  • Game viewing 
  • Team building 



You will need to cater for 3 lunches, 3 dinners and 3 breakfasts as well as the odd snack in between. There is no need to feast at every meal. The idea is to simplify for a few days. You will be surprised at how little food you need. 

We may have a small fire at night, although not large enough to cook on, in order to minimize our impact. All cooking must therefore be done with a camping stove. 

Basic ideas for each meal are as follows: 

Breakfast – Oats-so-easy, Nuts and dried fruits, Pro-nutro, Futurelife, muesli bars 

Lunch – Pro-vitas or Salticracks with cream cheese, wraps, biltong, chicken-mayo sachets, tuna sachets 

Dinner – Cous cous, wraps, pasta, soya mince, bully beef, salami, biltong, packet soup 

Snacks – breakfast/energy bars, biltong, droewors, trail mix 

Drinks – coffee sachets, tea, sachets of Game (1 or 2 per day). 

Day 1:

11:00 am Meet at Bushpub – introductions to your team and fellow participants,

orientation and information -then set off!

1:00pm Light lunch

Walking…and rest time…

5:00 pm Evening practice and meditation (or earlier depending on sunset)

7:00 pm Dinner

9:00 pm Bed/night watch

Day 2 and Day 3:

6:00 am Tea /coffee on waking (or just before sunrise)

6:30 am Morning meditation followed by morning practice

9:00 am Breakfast


1:00pm Light lunch

Walking…and rest time…

5:00 pm Evening practice and meditation (or earlier depending on sunset)

7:00 pm Dinner

9:00 pm Bed/night watch

Day 4:

6:00 am Tea /coffee on waking (or just before sunrise)

6:30 am Morning meditation followed by morning practice

9:00 am Breakfast


12 noon Arrive back at Bushpub, debrief and depart!

Important information

Operated by: Lowveld Trails Co

What’s included

  • Professional Yoga teacher
  • Guide 

What do I need to bring

  • Walking boots
  • Neutral coloured clothing,
  • Hat and sunscreen 

  • Binoculars 
  • Trail Equipment 

     Backpack 

     Sleeping bag and mattress (simple roll mat for insulation or a blow-up mattress) 

     Mini gas cooker and lighter 

     Small pot, Plate/bowl and mug 

     Sharp knife and spoon – can use pocket knife/leatherman. 

     Water bottles – Should have minimum capacity of 2 litres. 

     Head torch 

     Tooth brush, toothpaste and toilet paper 

     Small quick-dry towel 

     Flip – flops 

     Gaiters are useful 

     Waterproof poncho packet (just in case!) 

     August nights will be a lot cooler so a foil blanket might be handy as an extra layer 

     Bin liner to protect backpack and contents in case of rain. 

     A large ziplock bag is useful to store your non-burnable rubbish, packets etc. 

    Yoga Equipment 

     Mat - can also be your sleeping mat 

     Suitable clothing that you will be comfortable to stretch in - preferably neutral coloured! It’s a good plan if your trail gear can also double up as your yoga gear for ease of carrying. 

R 4,800 4 Days , Easy

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