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Supertubes - Surfer's Paradise

Supertubes Beach fast earned the reputation of being one of the fastest, most challenging right-hander point breaks on the planet.   The word got out and surfers of the world came to Jeffreys Bay to test their skills against natures best waves.  The Billabong Pro World Championship tour event is held here every year in winter with prizes money in the millions. 

Giant Waves curling into Tubes - the Surfers Perfect Wave

On my recent visit to Jeffreys Bay I came upon a 2005 publication by Robbie Hift called “Jeffreys Bay - A Place of Dreaming”.  I loved his stories of the history and passion of those early days of surfing.   He quotes Shaun Thompson, who in 1978 was the only South African to have won the World Surfing Championships, as saying that one of his best waves was in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. He tells of a ride, 10 to 20 feet back inside a tube heading toward Supertubes and dolphins riding the tube with him.  A wonderful moment that lives with him. 

A veteran surfer wrote of Jeffreys Bay:  “It is the magnetic power of the ocean on a golden sunset at Super Tubes, when the offshore wind has died down and left the surface of the water as glassy as a mirror of green and gold that stuns the senses:  each wave tall and majestic, sweeping fast and hard to break in a hollow tube that courses along the high tide shoreline down to the rocky reef for over half a mile.  Riding these gigantic waves is a life and death thrill for surfers world wide.” 

And there you have the surfers passion that brings the worlds best surfing stars to Jeffreys Bay to pit their skills against some of natures best waves.  If you are a surfer this is the place to be. 

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Wonder of Migrating Butterflies

Look out for the captivating clouds of butterflies flying in a north east direction as you travel around Johannesburg right now? This is one of the great wonders of nature. These tiny exquisite Brown Veined White or Pioneer Butterflies are on the move and heading towards Madagascar.


Plettenberg Bay – Best Casual Eating Places

With some of the best beaches in the world along the Plettenberg Bay coast, a casual meal is best enjoyed in one of the many restaurants on, near or overlooking the sea. Don a bathing costume, slops, throw on a wrap and head for your favourite eating haunt.


Plettenberg Bay: SA’s Favourite Holiday Destination

You know that you have arrived in the best place you could be as the sheer spectacle of shimmering sea and golden sands takes your breath away as you descend Marine Drive . This is South Africa’s favourite holiday playground with Blue Flag beaches, great surfing spots, adventure activities and some great eating places.


Christmas Traditions: Where Do They Come From?

WHICH KID CAN’T tell you where Santa Claus is from? —the North Pole! Evergreen Christmas Trees are part and parcel of most homes, Christian or not, with bright baubles and winking lights happily announcing the Christmas season. Well, surprise, surprise, Christmas is essentially a Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus. Navidad in Spanish, Natale in Italian, Noel in French – they all denote nativity. So where does all the tradition come from and how come St Nick is every child’s favourite character, Christian or not?

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